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    Review of the first case I'm trying on my new iPad Air 2
    I typically go through a lot of different cases before settling in on the one that I like best. Itís funny, but just because a particular case works well for you with one device, doesnít mean that the same model of case made for a different device works quite as well. But, having used so many different types of portable devices and trying so many different cases on each, I think Iíve narrowed down my personal preferences to certain factors based the size of the device and how I plan to use it.

    In terms of tablets, Iíve used everything from the 5.5Ē Note 2 Phablet to a 10.1 Asus Transformer in terms of size and many more in between. While I find screen covers optional on smaller devices because I tend to use screen protectors instead, I do find them preferable on larger devices. One feature that I always find convenient, regardless of the devices size, is a stand option.

    When it comes to the iPad line, the iPad Air 2 being my second iPad after my old and weathered iPad 2, I find my preference leans to a nice stand case with a thin front cover and a shell type case backing with the ability to protect the corners from drops. Iíve had to replace a screen on the iPad 2 because of poor corner protection. Of course smart cover magnets to automatically turn the iPad on and off are a must as well. I think the Roocase Origami case checks off all my must haves nicely.

    To start, the iPad Air 2 fits into the rubberized back case perfectly. All the cut outs line up perfectly dead center. Iíve found leather cases have the greatest degree of error when it comes to alignment. Alignment is not an issue with this case. But even before snapping the iPad in, there are a lot of nice details to the design of this case. The corners are obviously well reinforced.

    The back has a molded, contoured shape. I think this will make it easier to hold for longer sessions, but Iím also guessing that the grooves and patterns are there to help absorb impact. It sort of reminds me of those fat zippered EVA cases that thrown off of roofs. Now, I donít think that this case will protect the iPad from that type of drop but of course his case is a lot slimmer and you donít have to take the device out of the case, leaving it unprotected, to use it.

    Once installed, Iím pleased to report that the smart cover, sleep/wake function works perfectly. And the whole thing is quite slim and looks great.

    The part that makes the Origami case unique is its cover. Itís sort of like Apples Smart Cover but it has some extra lines on it so that it can be folded in different ways. You can still fold it like a Smart Cover which lets it stand in landscape mode or in the flat elevated typing position. But, folded a different way, it can stand in both landscape and portrait positions. Thatís something that Appleís cover canít do. Granted, Iíll probably use landscape mode more when Iím browsing the web, but portrait is preferred when Iím reading a book at my dining room table.

    The construction of the case is also really, really good. The front of the cover has a nice rubbery, matte finish. The inside also has a rubbery finish but it has a pattern that reminds me of the surface of a ping pong paddle. Itís really soft and I donít see how it would ever scratch the screen. I think I like it better than the gray micro-cloth liners I usually see. It adds a real nice splash of color and I donít think you have to worry about it getting stained or staining anything else. I once had a cloth lined pouch that actually caused the plastic screen protector I was using to turn yellow.

    The cover is well attached to the case and I donít see any weak points that would cause me to be concerned that one part would separate from the other over time. But weíll have to see how it holds up in the long run. So far, it looks like it will probably last quite a while but even if it doesnít, at least thereís a lifetime warranty according to the packaging.

    This case is definitely a keeper and itíll probably stay on my iPad Air 2 for a while. At least, until I come across another case design that I havenít tried before that starts begging me to give it a try.

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    Review of the first case I'm trying on my new iPad Air 2
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    Very nice review. Thanks for posting this because I'm picking up an iPad Air 2 tomorrow and am on the fence in regards to a case. We have the Apple Smart Cover case on our iPad Air and it's ok, but I'm intrigued by your suggestion. I will definitely check it out. Please post back if you have more pros or cons or if you try out a different case.
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    So, I happened to get an Apple's OEM SmartCase. Friend of mine gave me his cause he didn't like it. Comparing it to the roocase, there are some distinct differences.

    The nicest thing about the Apple case of course is the feel of the leather they use. It really does have a rich feel to it. It's also super lightweight.

    However, given the weight, you would think that the roocase is a lot thicker, but it really isn't. The ipad does feel a little heavier with the roocase, but it also feels more protected. The Apple case fits perfectly and every inch of it appears to be covered when the case is closed. This is nice, but given how thin and flimsy the back of the case feels, I don't think it would offer very much protection. I also don't like how the crease on the spin sticks out.

    The nice thing about the roocase is that since the cover is not porous like leather, there is no worries about staining the back or cover.

    I really do like the look and feel of the Apple case, but I definitely would not have bought it myself at the $80 they charge. In conclusion, I'll probably go back to the roocase since I did like having the option to stand up my ipad in portrait mode every so often and I just feel more safe when I leave the house with it. The Apple case is more of a stay at home case.

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    The roocase seems to ahem, "be inspired by" the Moshi Versacover origami cases (VersaCover Origami Stand Case for Tablets Family | Moshi -) but are sufficiently different as to be a distinct product.

    I've been very happy with my Roocase portfolio-style cover for a variety of reasons inner casing separates via velcro from outer casing, allowing both portrait and landscape standing, included styles, etc) but I bought mine for the original iPad Air with the idea that the iPad Air 2 wouldn't be significantly different in physical dimensions. Luckily, although the new one is 18 percent thinner, it still basically fits a lot of iPad Air-designed cases and this worked out great for me.

    I also have a form-fitting Logitech ultrathin keyboard front case for this unit for when I want to go super-thin and light with a keyboard, and I've been pretty pleased with it so far as well.

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