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    Sent iPhone in via mail after the service request was cancelled, what now?

    First of all, I'm in New Zealand so that might make a difference to the answer. A couple of months ago (May 27, 2014) I requested a mail in pack for my iPhone 5's lock button which is covered under a repair program offered by Apple. It took me until the 13th of August to actually send it in though since I had to find a phone to use in the mean time and got very distracted. I just checked the Apple repair status page and it says "July 18, 2014 : Service request canceled". What do I do now to get my phone back? Should I just wait for it to be returned or will I have to contact someone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sent iPhone in via mail after the service request was cancelled, what now?
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    You called Apple to begin the service request, so call that number back with whatever service number you were given and let them know that you've mailed your iPhone after the service request was canceled and have them open a new service request and combine the old one so that when your iPhone does get wherever it is going, it can be fixed.

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