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    New iPhone 5 won't restore from backup
    I was given an iPhone 5 as a gift today and I'm having issues restoring it from a backup I made of my 4S. Basically the main thing I don't want to lose is all my text messaging history. I have text conversations from years ago, and I really want to keep them. I have all my music on iTunes and all my photos in iPhoto, so it's really not a problem for me to get that content onto the new phone.

    When I first tried to restore the 5 from my backup, iTunes said that it couldn't because the software on the phone was too old. So I updated the software to the latest version on both my 4S and the 5. I made a new backup for the 4S and tried to restore the 5 again, now that it also had the latest iOS.

    Well, it's not working. Every single time I try to restore it from my backup, it just keeps erasing everything on the iPhone 5 and reverting it to factory settings.

    I'm getting REALLY frustrated. I've wasted hours on this, and I just want it to work.

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    New iPhone 5 won't restore from backup
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    Are you trying to restore info to both phones as this maybe the problem as it will see that a phone has already been restored.

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    New iPhone 5 won't restore from backup
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    Go in itunes under iTunes, preferences, go to devices, and then delete the 4S backup, from there back the 4S up again so that it has an all new backup and then try restoring the 5 with that backup.

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    New iPhone 5 won't restore from backup
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    Try eliminating iTunes as an issue by backing the 4s up to iCloud and restoring that on the 5

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    Just done successfuly when I got my iPhone 5 using the following tips.

    iOS: Transferring information from your current iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device

    Hope this can help.

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