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    Streaming Iphone to Samsung Smart TV

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    Streaming Iphone to Samsung Smart TV
    Not sure if this is the best place for this question, but I'll give it a shot.

    TL; DR Can I stream the actual IPhone screen to my Samsung Smart TV so I can enjoy the Watch ESPN and HBO Go app on a bigger screen? Thanks.


    I have an Iphone with the HBO Go and Watch ESPN apps, both of which being amazing beyond description. Now I just got a Samsung Smart TV, and am discovering the ways in which I can sync the IPhone to it and am similarly impressed. The only problem is, I have Comcast so the HBO Go app on the Smart TV doesn't work, and there is no Watch ESPN app for Samsung Smart TV's (greedy Comcast).

    But, I have found great apps such as iMedia and Samsung Media Player that will allow me find movies on my IPhone, then either watch them on my IPhone or any Smart TV's the IPhone can find. It can also stream my personal videos from the IPhone to the Smart TV. It's really cool.

    But, I am really trying to find something that allows me to stream my IPhone screen to the TV. So that way, when I tune into Watch ESPN or HBO Go on my IPhone, the picture is also running on the TV. This would be the end all be all! Anyone ever heard of a possible way to do this? Through a streaming app, or cables, or whatever?

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    Streaming Iphone to Samsung Smart TV
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    You need an AppleTV (stream vis Airplay) or a cable.

    Which cable depends on which iPhone and iOS version you have.

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    Streaming Iphone to Samsung Smart TV
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    I would go the Apple TV route as well, so if you have a Mac of any sort you can then also Mirror your Mac Display to the TV via ATV3
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    Streaming Iphone to Samsung Smart TV
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    Another vote for the ATV3 I send stuff from my iPhone/Pad all the time and yes it does make it enjoyable on 55 inches.

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