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    USB Flip charger work same as regular USB charger?
    I am traveling down to Cetnral America and am looking for a small option for my USB charger for my iphone products.
    I found the USB flip charger and it is small and looks like it would work great. I'm not quite sure how it works but it seems a great compact option.
    I just wanted to make sure that it would provide the same charging power and output as my USB chargers that plug directly into the socket.
    Here is the link...
    Flip Charger, NuGiant 33002 Plug-Free USB Flip Charger |
    Will this work just the same as one that plugs in, in a regular manner? Or would the amount of products plugged into the wall effect the output?

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    USB Flip charger work same as regular USB charger?
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    That doesn't really look smaller than the standard iPhone charger.

    In my experience the standard charger is nearly always the best option. Particularly if you're going to places you've never been and don't know what to expect in terms of power reliability, robust sockets etc.
    In those terms I'd keep it as simple as possible and use your existing iPhone charger or if you're taking one an iPad charger (which will do both iPhone and iPad)

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    you are prob right but I have a few USB devices that will need to be charged. At the moment I use a big square that plugs into socket and the USB cable plugs into the box. I thought I could downsize that square box into one of these flip style chargers.

    Just was wondering if anyone used these....kind of amazing to me as they do not actually plug in but transmit via another plug.

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