This question has probably been asked a million of times but im such an amateur when it comes to backing up and all that. Well you see my iPhone 4s is on ios 5.1.1 (jailbroken); as many of you know ios 6.1 has come out and also a new jailbreak is on its way. I have never ever backed up (I think) so my question is quite simple: How do you back up a jailbroken iphone? Like I really don't care about the Cydia tweaks and apps they can get lost. But how do you back up all the "legal" apps you have (Also the not so "legal" apps) photos, and sms messages, contacts (I really don't want them deleted) etc ? So that when you restore your phone you sync and all the stuff you had before the restore is there again?
Could someone please step by step explain what to do?
And what the frick is icloud? How do you even use it?