An odd problem just began showing up on my iPhone 4S using the latest iPhone OS, iOS 6.01.

I downloaded a few apps onto my iPhone and wish to move them onto one of my last screens. I have around 10 screens of apps, many in folders. I can move them among the first few screens or put them into folders and have no issues. Yet if I move them to one of the last 4 screens or so that's where the problem starts. I can create a folder, move the apps to those screens, etc. while the screen/apps are jiggling but then as soon as I press the home button to save the changes and go back to regular use, the phone crashes. Within 2 seconds or so of pressing the home button I see the Apple logo as it restarts. Once restarted everything is located where it was before I made the changes.

Tonight I did a backup to iCloud and then did a complete erase of the iPhone and then did a restore of iCloud. I was hoping this would fix it but yet the same problem is showing up. What is odd is it doesn't do it on the first few screens, only the last few. Any idea on how I can solve this issue?

Thanks for your help.