I have an iPhone 4 and I backed it up for the first time this afternoon. After I backed it up, I restored and upgraded to the latest operating software 6.0.1. That's great, its all flashy and new, but when I right click on the phone in iTunes and go to "Restore from backup..." it opens a window on the screen and says it is backing it up. After it completes I get the window saying it will reconnect when it restarts. The iPhone shuts down and I see the spinning thinking symbol on its screen but it never restarts on its own. When I turn it on, the apple appears on the screen with a loading bar under it that scrolls all the way across the screen. When it starts after this, it is exactly like it was after it restored. I have to set up my Apple ID and iCloud, etc... It says I have the same new message, it reloads my old pictures if I want to look at them, but its missing all my apps and music. Is it restored? Do I have to reinstall all my old apps and music? I bought some audio-books and apps and they aren't present either... Each time I restore, it takes it to the same place, but I thought when I restored from backup, it replaced all my apps and everything to be a "clone" of what I had before? Am I experiencing a software difficulty or is it doing what its supposed to be doing?