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    Difference between iphone chargers and apple laptop chargers
    This is a question stemming from an argument about apple designing a new charger for the iphone 5, but I have an honest question about the difference in the mac laptop chargers and the iphone chargers. We were trying to figure out what is the difference, if any, between the laptop chargers and the iphone chargers and why cant there be a universal charger for mac products? I know I am new and I am not here to complain, I love my iphone and will never get another brand of cell phone. The next computer I get will be an apple. I just honestly want to know what the difference or reasons there are behind different chargers. If you have an ability to quickly or extensively explain it, either would be good. If you have a link, that would be great as well. Please keep smart answers to yourself, I know I look like a rookie and dumb, Im just trying to get some information so I can defend Apple next time somone complains about there motives behind multiple chargers. Thanks

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    Difference between iphone chargers and apple laptop chargers
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    As someone who is new, you need to think twice about alienating prospective replies with your rather combative statement. I've edited out your language and you can consider this as an alert.... Thanks.

    And welcome to the Mac Forums. Also read our guidelines.

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    Difference between iphone chargers and apple laptop chargers
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    Simple answer: physics. Two drastically different ways of powering a device and regulating the flow of electricity.
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