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    HELP! iphone 4 creating LOADS of blank icons?
    my iphone4 keeps creating blank icons. it makes pages, pages and pages of icons. >:I
    if i click them it opens safari and goes to a bank net page.
    when i delete them they go, but if my iphone reboots, or turns off they come back again.
    i have looked in settings there is nothing?, i am running 5.0.1 os and its done it for a long time. please PLEASE PLEASE help me? it is VERRY anoying. i just want to get rid of them for good. is there i way i could go on a jaibreak and go on ifile or somthing?

    it would be verry helpfull if i could get some help



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    HELP! iphone 4 creating LOADS of  blank icons?
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    This is one of the more interesting issues I have come across in my 3 years here! As much as would like to really dive in and learn about it I will first suggest that you plug your phone into your Mac ( hopefully you have one ) and restore the device as " a new phone" and not from a back up. Then re sync your data and media and see what has been solved. If it is still doing it i would start deleting apps one by one until I found the culprit...

    Hope this helps

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