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    itunes list different to music on iphone 4s
    I just bought an iPhone 4s, set it to manage music manually, copied over about 120 songs....

    The iPhone says there are only 102 songs total, but when it's plugged into my Mac, iTunes says there are 112 songs, (on the iTunes iPhone music list)

    Also, some titles are different.

    I've rebooted both, no joy.

    Any advice please?

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    itunes list different to music on iphone 4s
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    Could it be that some of the " songs " you put on your phone were music videos? Open the video app and see whats in there...I am also not a big fan of telling my music app ( iTunes ) not to manage my music for me...thats why I have it but thats just me...

    Hope it helps

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    no videos in there, just basic song files from iTunes.

    It's very strange, I've used iPods for years, never seen this before.

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