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    Question Copying Photos from PC onto iPAD
    Photographer with lots of Photos in albums (files called for example - 2011.11.09 Zambia Safari Collection) on MS PC. Wish to load copies onto my iPAD in those self same Albums and in exactly the same Order - they having been sorted in both Date & Time order and Numerically - jpeg.01, jpeg.02, jpeg.03, etc.

    However, I find that when copied over using the 'iTunes sync facility', they invariably appear in haphazard order & in random Albums.

    Maybe, I am doing something wrong in the 'iTunes sync' process - so a complete recap on exactly what I should be doing might be very pertinent.

    Or ...... - is it something else ......?

    Many Thanks for any insights/advice and counsel.

    And a Great Festive break to one and all

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    I would like to know a solution to this too please if anyone can help.

    It seems the organisation of photos etc on iPad could be simpler!

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    I am a user of Adobe Lightroom (on Windows PC), for sorting Photos etc, and have asked the self same Question of some emmanent Experts on their Forum.

    I can play with the Images (in Adobe LR), then 'export' them to a file to store etc. They are all in a perfectly straight forward numerical and chronological order in Individual Folders.

    When I copy these on to the iPAD -----------ALL **** BREAKS LOOSE.

    The answer that I am getting fallegedly ocuses on the Apple v Windows battle. Seems the Issue can currently only be resolved by buying a MAC, where there is software available.

    Apple are (allegedly) well aware of the Issue.

    Keep each other posted if any News appears ......... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safariholic View Post
    Keep each other posted if any News appears ......... ?
    Sure, hopefully we won't have to wait too long!

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