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    Gelaskin or screen protector?
    So, I face a minor, but important complication.
    I've just ordered a full body (covers both sides and sides of iPhone) bestskinsever screen protector package, and a gelaskin as well. I will be putting on the front protector first, and then the skin on top. The question, though lies with the back. It's where the gelaskin is most clearly shown. Should I put the screen protector underneath and the skin on top for more protection? Or is the gelaskin enough? I heard that once you put a gelaskin on top of a screen protector, chances are that you won't be able to get it off without the protector stuck to it. Is the gelaskin enough to prevent scratches and such, or is the screen protector better? Both, or just the skin?

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    Gelaskin or screen protector?

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    its all decoration. i have had an iphone in my back pocket for over a year and not a scratch on it.

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    So, pretty much I shouldn't worry about putting both of them on?

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    Id throw a protector on it. I've had a iPhone 4S for about a month now, and already have minor scratches on it. Nothing deep, but when cleaned of grease and dust and held up to a light you can see little imperfections. And if your thinking right now that I don't baby my phone you are wrong. When possible I always put my phone on a surface softer than the glass (i.e. paper, cloth, wood, ect.) My dilemma is I hate phone cases because I think they take away from the aesthetics of the device, and lets be honest, the attention to form is one of Apple's many strengths.

    At the moment I am trying to find some sort of screen polish. Something I can apply once a month to remove minor imperfections.

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