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    iCloud Bookmark Sync Problems
    This has been bothering me all week and have only seen a few mention it online- here's the problem:
    After upgrading to iOS 5/iCloud, my Safari bookmarks aren't syncing to Safari on my iPhone. Syncing is functional on iPad.

    iPhone 4

    both are updated to iOS 5
    both are registered to the same iCloud account (formerly MobileMe)
    Data is set to "Push" for iCloud account, with "Fetch" set to "Hourly"
    Safari private browsing set to "Off"

    iPhone is not pulling bookmarks from iCloud. iPad has all desired bookmarks. Bookmark sync is turned on for both devices.
    iPhone Safari shows two History bookmark folders, and standard issue bookmarks (Apple, Yahoo!, Google, iPad User Guide)
    Attempts to edit bookmarks returns "Bookmarks are being synced. Please edit the bookmarks once syncing has completed"
    Attempts to add bookmarks returns "Bookmarks are being synced. Please add the bookmark once syncing has completed"
    Problem has persisted since launch day.

    Failed attempts at resolution:
    Reboot iPhone
    Confirmed internet connection and access to secure websites on iPhone
    Quit and relaunch Safari on iPhone.
    Turn off bookmark sync on both iPad and iPhone, turn both back on
    Delete iCloud account on iPhone, reinstall iCloud account

    Any advice is appreciated!

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    Same issue - tried various remedies. Turning off sync for bookmarks allows me to delete local list - one would assuming turning it back on again would allow a complete refresh, but it does not happen - a few bookmarks sync down - but only about 10% and they are all over the place with folders I haven't had in a while. Haven't been able to find a "update cloud" function on my Mac - although I guess perhaps this thinking isn't valid.

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    Unhappy Same Sync Problems with iCloud, Safari and iPhone
    I'm having the same problem. A few bookmarks get synced but the vast majority are missing. GL

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    iCloud Bookmark Sync Problems

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    I had the problem that when using iCloud for synching my bookmarks, it removed the bookmarks completely from my Macbook to my iPhone. I tried several things, but I never figured what the problem was, so I decided not to use iCloud for synching bookmarks, but iTunes instead. All other synching with iCloud works perfectly though.

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    My problem solved
    Greetings. I was able to solve my sync problems with the iCloud and iPhone. This is going to be hard to describe, I hope it will make sense. Apparently in Safarie there are 6 so called "Collections" at the top of the side bar when you open the full Bookmarks editor. What happened to me was that the very first time I started up Safari on my new iMac it asked me if I wanted to import bookmarks and so I did. THESE were placed in folders underneath the six mentioned above and marked as Imported from Firefox. Being new to Safari I had no idea that these were not THE bookmarks. Apparently THE bookmarks are in the six folders I mentioned earlier. So I made all my changes to the Firefox bookmarks and almost none were synced. After weeks of this I finally had an epiphany two days ago and after moving the Firefox bookmarks I wanted to keep into the main folders I deleted the remainder of the IMPORTED bookmarks. The result was instant sync and totally spot on. Since then it has simply worked. Period. Maybe this applies to you, maybe not. I hope it helps some of you. GL

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    iCloud Bookmark Sync Problems
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    i can't get bookmarks to sync at all on my ipad2. i exported firefox bookmarks to safari, enabled icloud sync and it just sat there looking at me. tried several times, but nothing is happening. the option to sync without icloud is ghosted. any suggestions out there please?

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