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    iPhone 3G, unlock for baseband/bootloader
    Hey i have a iPhone 3g with a baseband of 5.14.02 and bootloader of 6.02 and i was wondering if anyone has come across ANY way to unlock this yet. I havent found anything yet and i would LOVE anybody who could help me. My iPhone is jailbroken but not unlocked. Fuzzy band only downgrades from 5.08 and lower but so far i have found nothing for 5.09-6.02 bootloader.

    Can anybody help??


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    iPhone 3G, unlock for baseband/bootloader

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    Your just going to have to wait for a unlock, Fuzzyband was one of those luck of the draw things that happened one time back when the 3G first came out. As far as I know that was the only baseband downgrade program, Also it was only for a very small group of iPhone 3G. Most likely the next unlock will come when iOS 4.2 is released.

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    Well that is definitely a bummer. I guess ill just keep waiting :/

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