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Thread: Possible bugs?

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    Possible bugs?
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    Possible bugs?
    I've been using my iPhone for almost two weeks now and I'm really pleased with it, in general, however there are a couple of things that are annoying me. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing them or has done in the past and knows how to fix them.

    One of the things that bothers me is that while I'm in the SMS menu, where the names of the contacts that I've had conversations with are displayed, and sometimes if I 'flick' through the list of names, the 'delete' button appears -- without me having touched the screen anywhere near the 'edit' button. A couple of times I have accidentally hit the delete button and lost an entire conversation.. which is annoying.

    Secondly, the wallpaper settings panel -- I have quite a lot of wallpapers, maybe 100 or so. This is probably excessive, but I have 16GB of storage so if I want 100 wallpapers I should be able to have them! However, the iPhone doesn't seem to like that too much, as when I scroll too far down, it crashes. There are some wallpapers at the bottom of the list that I have never even been able to get to. I don't even know how I would delete them -- because it crashes before I get to them.

    I really wouldn't want to have to restore it but I guess I'll have to if there's nothing else that might fix it.

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    Possible bugs?
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    I've had my iPhone since last November. With the SMS list, there is a feature where you slide your finger across the contact/conversation, and the delete button appears.

    Unfortunately, I can't say much for the wallpaper issue. I've never had a problem looking through mine and I only have an 8GB.
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