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    Brydge Keyboard
    I have an iPad Air 3 (no need for the 2020 pro yet),anyways I am looking at making a purchase of the Brydge keyboard but thought I better get some thoughts from people who may have this set up with the air?
    Also anyone have the pencil with the air 3?

    Thank you

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    Brydge Keyboard
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    They're certainly nice keyboards, especially the one with the included Trackpad. I personally use the Apple magic keyboard and cover for my iPad Pro (no trackpad) and like it very much. As for the Apple Pencil, I have avoided buying one ever since I read that some users claimed it was scratching their screen.

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    thanks ,I just ordered ones also have the apple keyboard but I work a lot at night and no lighting drives me crazy, also they dont make a brydge keyboard for the iPad Air 3 with a trackpad but thats ok ,,thanks for your reply .

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