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    iPad air 2 for satnav?

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    Hi Sue,
    I tried to send you a pm but it wouldn't send. Here it is, nothing private here:
    Hi Sue,
    Nice shoes there.
    I spend most of my time in thongs... no not that type, flip flops to you.
    We're booked in to a B&B in Tweedmouth on the 16th of March. We can work around something if you're around then or the 17th.
    Ps: Please don't wear really nice shoes if manage to meet up, I'll never hear the last of it.
    Could we do it on facebook?

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    iPad air 2 for satnav?
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    Sorted. But don't bring flipflops to the UK in March - you'll freeze!

    If the shoe fits, buy it in every colour.

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    iPad air 2 for satnav?
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    Sorry not to chime in here earlier, but I was one of the victims of the lock out the board suffered last week. You have been given some good advice on SIM cards. To remind you, if you fly into Heathrow, as soon as you get to the area where all the drivers are holding up signs for their passengers, on the right is a SIM store that deals with travelers more than the typical shop you will find away from the airport. So that's the best place I have found to get a PAYG SIM card. Shops away from the airport have PAYG SIMs but they are not as familiar with the product as the airport shop, for obvious reasons.

    The iPad may be a bit large to use because there just isn't a good way to hold it where you can see it. Smaller devices can use holders that clip to the vents, or have suction cups to hold to glass, etc, but an iPad is a pretty large device for that kind of thing. You may have to do some searching for a holder large enough, depending on the kind of car you rent. Some cars come with SatNav included, maybe you'll get lucky and get one of those. For the iPad, maybe there will be a centre console where it can stand up, particularly if it's in a case that allows for that. To be honest, it's going to be tricky because of the size.

    As for SatNav, there are two philosophies for the maps--The Apple/Google/Waze, etc. approach is to download maps on demand. When the GPS gets a fix, the software downloads the maps nearby so that it can do the routing. If you plan a route, it download maps along the route. Good approach, saves some storage space. However, if you don't have internet connectivity, that approach fails if your route gets to the edge of a map and it cannot download the neighboring segment. That's probably why your failures at the end of your street. Going the wrong way demanded a map it did not have and could not get.

    The other approach is older, where you download the entire region or country or whatever division the map maker has made, so that you don't need any internet connectivity to navigate. For UK, for example, I have Navmii installed on my iPhone and have downloaded the entire UK and ROI maps. Usually I use Waze, which is on-demand, but if I get to a poor area for cellular, I shift over to Navmii. Navmii | World Class, Smart GPS Navigation is their website for the software. It offers both an on-demand and pre-dowloaded mode so you can pick what you want. I have no connection to Navmii, other than I like their software and use it when I need to do so. There are other providers who can do the same thing.

    Traffic reporting and re-routing requires connectivity, of course. Static maps work well without connectivity, but traffic information is not normally included.

    Hope that helps some. I'll be in UK in April/May myself. Lovely time to be there, but do prepare for chilly weather.

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