Last Friday, I found an awesome deal on a first generation 12.9 inch iPad Pro that has 128gb storage and is WiFi and cellular with a Logitech backlit keyboard. I got it for $290. The seller wanted $330 for it and I managed to get him to sell it for $290. He was the original owner and had all the original boxes, and when we met after I checked it out and told him I wanted it, he removed it from his iCloud account, and reset it to new in front of me. He also waited until I activated the iPad and installed my SIM card from my first generation iPad Pro 9.7 inch and made sure it worked on the T-mobile network as well.

I used it on the way home from downtown Chicago on the metra that night, it only had like 20% battery life but it lasted the hour train ride home and still had 10% when i got home and plugged it in to finish installing the apps I wanted on it, and then let it charge overnight. It had an iPhone 5 watt charger, and thanks to someone here, they told me what charger it should have and I got one from target for it, a genuine Apple one too for $19.00, I am using my 10 foot lightning cable however for it, since I like the length of that cable instead of the short one you usually get. I have that cable for my iPhone as well.

Using it for the first week, I can see that it will be my laptop replacement easily. I also do not use the work supplied microsoft surfacebook the company provides, I work as an independent fire investigator, and all I had to do is install the microsoft office suite on the iPad for work, personal use I prefer the Apple office suite over microsoft crap. I have been using it for work and it is totally awesome, I get all day battery life out of it, usually use it for around 8 hours a day and still have like 35% left when I plug it in to charge when I go to bed, and I have been using it after work for pleasure as well as studying some of the online fire investigator classes from the IAAI, (international association of arson investigators) and I have not touched my laptop or my 9.7 iPad Pro since I got the 12.9. The only thing I wish, is I could find a carrying case for it that has like a shoulder strap, instead of a sleeve without handles or a strap. I have one case that kinda works, it is for a 10 inch tablet, and i can get it in and close it, however the zipper acts sketchy at times and like force opens because it it like stretched too tight to close. If anyone has any suggestions for a nice carrying case for it, that would be appreciated.

The 12.9 inch iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.3 is a real game changer and iPadOS 13.3 just works. It works so much better than the microsoft surface book that it makes going to work almost enjoyable.