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    updating an old ipad

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    updating an old ipad
    l have an old ipad, and can't seem to update, l took a screen shot on it and even though it has airdrop option it cant find any mac device so took a pic of the screen shot, please see attachmentIMG_1836.JPG

    when l connect it to my itunes, l dont see an update option, even when l right click the ipad. though it allows me to 'set up as new ipad' but this will delete everything right? and 'restore from this back up' goes all way back from 2013. is it possible to update to latest, as my skype on it needs to be updated, and cant be used unless l am on version ios 10 or later help!
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    updating an old ipad
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    What is the "1" Notification in Settings > General for? What about in Settings > General >Software Update?

    It's hard to identify that iPad model #, but it looks to be an iPad Air, which should run iOS 12.
    -- Bob --
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    updating an old ipad
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    It appears that this is a 2013 iPad Mini 2. If the updates you are referring to are iOS appears to currently be running iOS 8...and it is capable of running the latest iOS (iOS 12)...but some iOS 12 features may not work since it is a 6 year old iPad mini.

    - Nick

    p.s. Beat me to it Bob.
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    updating an old ipad
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    Full specs here:
    iPad mini 2 (Retina/2nd Gen, Wi-Fi Only) 16, 32, 64, 128 GB Specs (A1489, ME276LL/A*, 2695*, iPad4,4):

    Introduction Date: October 22, 2013* Discontinued Date: March 21, 2017*

    Pre-Installed OS: iOS 7.0.3 Maximum OS: Current*

    But the awnser should be as Bob questioned: What about in Settings > General >Software Update?

    - Patrick

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