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    Would I utilize WiFi, or Cellular?
    Im a college student working towards my masters. I work full time, and sometimes travel.

    I go to a restaurant once a week to do homework, with no Wifi, so I would use hot spot. However, my worry is when I used hotspot off my Iphone XS for my Macbook pro, it ate the battery within mins it felt like.

    So my question for college students on the go, do you only use WIFI, or do you you use cellular? If you had cellular do you wish you just got WIFI? Or Vise Versa?

    Thank you

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    Would I utilize WiFi, or Cellular?
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    You stated previously that you lived in Montana. If there is a lack of WiFi hot spots where you live, then you have no choice but to rely on a cellular connection through your iPhone. And yes, that will use the battery much faster. Apple has just this week announced an aux battery pack case for the iPhone Xs, XsMax, and Xr. A bit pricey at $129.00 but it will add substantially to your air time on the iPhone.

    When you travel, I suggest looking for a restaurant or coffee shop that has free WiFi. McDonald's, Starbucks, and most fast food places have free WiFi. Use those instead.

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    Would I utilize WiFi, or Cellular?
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    You could buy a separate power bank to recharge your phone on the go, a decent one under 40. Or find a cafe which has power sockets.

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    Would I utilize WiFi, or Cellular?
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    Instead of using your iPhone, purchase a separate rechargeable hotspot device.
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    Would I utilize WiFi, or Cellular?
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    And remember, if you are using a free Wi-Fi in a public environment - cafe, hotel, bus, train etc - use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Essential in my view.


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