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    Video resolution problem in iPAD
    Hi All,

    I'm making a video presentation. I have captured the screen recording from my laptop (1280x720).

    Now I transfer the MP4 file to my iPAD and play the video, there is empty space above and below the playing area.

    I am not able to play the video in full screen mode where there is no empty space above or below the video.

    Is there any trick to fix this?

    Please help. Thanks.

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    Video resolution problem in iPAD
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    With the video playing, at the end of the timeline, there should be an Expand box with two arrows up/down to expand the view of the video. This is using iOS 12.
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    Video resolution problem in iPAD
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    The first couple generations of iPad resolution is 1024x768 and the ones after are 2048x1536 and thus your 720P video is being letterboxed to keep the aspect ratio correct. You can use what Bob suggested to have it fill the screen, but that might mess up the aspect ratio.

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