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Thread: iPad passwords.

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    iPad passwords.
    iPad Model MD368ZP/A - I think the first Retina model?

    On my MBP I can check all my passwords used on it (Safari) by opening Safari, the going to Safari preferences and the the "password"? tab.

    Where can I find them on my old iPad (safari) please.

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    iPad passwords.
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    Dependent on your iOS I think this site, explains the process pretty well and offers some good advice. With the current iOS (iOS 11.2.5) you will find this information in Accounts & Passwords. Just enter Accounts & Passwords in the search field at the top of settings.
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    iPad passwords.
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    On my old iPad 2, iOS 9, go into Settings > Safari > Passwords. Enter passcode, then select the site you need the password for. You can then, tap and hold, and the option to copy will come up.
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    Many thanks, sorted!!

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    iPad passwords.
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    Just enter Accounts & Passwords in the search field at the top of settings.
    This was posted by Rod in #2.

    I think this is a much neglected facility. I've found a lot of people struggling to find a setting or feature on their iOS Device, pouring over pages and sub-pages to find it.

    As soon as you tap on Settings, as Rod said, at the very top is a Search field. You don't have to remember the exact name of the feature you are seeking - part of the name, even one word, will bring up a useful list. Tap on the one you want and you are taken straight there.


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    Indeed, big + for Rad! Thanks.

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