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Thread: iPad ProMotion

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    iPad ProMotion

    I was reading how the ProMotion technology automatically adjust the refresh rate based on the activity you're doing on the iPad to conserve battery power. For example, if you are surfing the web on Safari or using the Apple Pencil, it will bump it up to 120hz. I was wondering if you are watching a live football game on an app such as the ESPN app, if it will also bump up the rate to 120hz (since it's fast motion) or if it will limit it to 60hz? Watching regular movies, I believe it limits it to 60hz to not get the jitter or soap opera effect. I was also wondering if it makes watching football games on YouTube smoother than a regular iPad?


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    iPad ProMotion
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    The ProMotion technology has an API that can be used by apps to determine what they want the refresh rate/FPS should be, so the answer is that it depends entirely on the app that you are using and if they are leveraging this API or not. By default the display will run at its native rate.

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