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    iPad mini living its own life

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    iPad mini living its own life
    What can the problem be when a iPad opens apps and pages by itself. It looks just like somebody is using the ipad when this happens. A restart usually fixes the problem for a while.
    I had a friend ask me about this, so i thought i ask here. If i remember it correctly she had already tried restoring the iPad but the problem persists?

    Is there a common problem that causes this behavior or can it be a number of things? Which part is most commonly the culprit?

    Also another question, when the home button does not work, does it usually fix the problem by swapping the home button for a new one, or is the problem usually somewhere else than in the actual home button?

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    iPad mini living its own life
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    Random things happening could be blamed on sticky keys with a traditional computer. With a touchscreen based device, it's a bit harder to find the culprit. Any possible liquid damage could cause errant touches to be registered.

    As far as the home button goes, you can use a the on-screen home button if the physical one is broken. You cannot remap it to any other button.

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    iPad mini living its own life
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    When an iDevice starts behaving erratically AND the Home Button doesn't function, this does rather suggest the possibility of liquid damage; as posed by Moderator Ashwin.

    Are you in a position to confirm or refute this? - I understand the iPad is not yours.


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    iPad mini living its own life
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    I agree. Either liquid damage or a drop can cause erratic things to happen with an iOS device. The iPad Mini is small enough to be handled the same way as an iPhone and easy to slip out of one's hands.

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