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    My custom colored iPad Pro carry case came in yesterday. Pics!
    So Iíve been ordering mobile products from this site for a few years now but you basically go on the site and you can choose any color you can think of to any type of design you can think of then click on it and scroll down and then you find a variety of all different kinds of products they offer in that exact color or design you picked out. Itís not all just mobile related as they offer all kinds of products but still just in that particular color or design you chose. In this case I found a cool looking Red I liked as Red is my favorite color although they had tons of Red colors I liked this particular shade of Red so I ordered a iPad Pro carrying case and a iPhone 8 slim low profile case too. I added the strap as I ran to Walmart and picked up the hardware I needed to add a detachable shoulder strap and the cool thing is the carry case not only carries my iPad Pro with a case on it but there is room for my portable charger, extra cords and my wireless earbuds which those are about to change as Iím going to order a custom set of Apple AirPods tomorrow. Those will take one to two months to arrive as they have to go through a detailed painting and coating process which those will come from colorware. I was a little on the fence about it but I found a couple of YouTube videos endorsing colorware and their precise details of how they paint them to factory standards. Iím dying to get those. Iím going to the Apple store tomorrow to return my new series 3 Apple Watch to free up the funds to order the custom factory AirPods. To get them in the custom painted color you want comes at a price though. They will cost me $339 but both the AirPods and the case will be factory painted. The case will be a metallic mist type Blue and the AirPods will be in a gloss Formula Red color. Oh I canít wait to get them. Those are my ultimate favorite colors contrasting together. Anyways hereís a couple pics of my new iPad carry case in Red.

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