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    Just received a couple new Apple cases for my iPad Pro
    So I have been searching for some apple cases for my new 9.7 Pro and since itís not in production anymore it was hard finding the Apple silicone cases and Apple smart covers for it out there still in stock. I was lucky enough to find the silicone case in Red which is my favorite color anyways and also that apricot color that is like a orange peach color thatís pretty cool looking. I wanted a royal blue Smart Cover but I was unable to locate one. So I found one in ocean blue. Here are a few pics of my set up now.

    I also ordered this iPad carrying case that fits the 10.5 and 9.7 perfectly and you can also carry other items in it too like a portable charger and so on. I just added a shoulder strap to this one and I also have another one coming but itís not marvel related lol which Iím a huge fan of. The other one is just a solid color but I had to have this Spider-Man one for sure. I thought the design was spot on for Spider-Man so I couldnít resist.

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