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    IPad Pro 10 and SD card reader
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    I’m sure you’ve tried but just in case:
    Have you done a hard restart?
    Tried another SD card?

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    IPad Pro 10 and SD card reader

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
    Iím sure youíve tried but just in case:
    Have you done a hard restart?
    Tried another SD card?
    I have tried both those suggestions. I just attached my Sony A65 to my MacPro by the usb port, and photos and videos open no problem. I then I connected my iPad 2 adapter to usb, connected that to a lightning port adapter, the connected it to my iPad 10.5. Results, the same, can download all photos, but does not show any video to be downloaded. I guess the last resort is the newer usb3 to lightning, with power slot.

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