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    External Storage
    I am sure this topic as come up over the years and continues to come up. I have an iPad Mini 2 with 16gb storage. I am looking to add external storage to watch movies, listen to music, or watch music videos. I am not looking for Photo storage or copy any documents to it. Basically, it will be used for media. Since I will be using Wifi, I would like to be able to carry my iPad plus external storage around with me and use it when I need to.

    We all know there is a lot of external storage devices on the market today. You have Mophie Space Pack, Sandisk iXpand, Leef iBridge, etc.. Also, you have the wireless hard drives. I have looked at some reviews on Macworld UK and other sites.

    I want something reliable and not too bulky that I can plug in and start watching a movie or listen to music. I was thinking maybe the Mophie Space Pack because it serves as dual purpose, battery backup and external storage. I have read some mixed reviews on this item. I am not sure with Mophie. Also, I was thinking either the Leef iBridge or Sandisk iXpand or something similar to those items.

    Any suggestions or recommendations would be helpful.

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    External Storage
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    We all know there is a lot of external storage devices on the market today. You have Mophie Space Pack, Sandisk iXpand, Leef iBridge, etc.. Also, you have the wireless hard drives. I have looked at some reviews on Macworld UK and other sites.
    The reviews you read in MacWorld are usually very general in nature and do not give a picture of real world use. However, the Mophie Space Pack has been around for awhile and there are other reviews about it that you can read through. Go to and read what users of the product have to say about it.

    Some good advice: Next time you invest in a tablet, get one with at least 64 to 128 GB storage. My iPad has only 32 GB of storage and I find it inadequate nowadays considering how large some apps are along with their associated data.

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    thanks for the reply. I understand that reviews on sites are a grain of salt these days. Also, everyone's experience and purpose of using Mophie or Sandisk will have a different outcome. I did go to and look at the few reviews and didn't offer much help. Like I had said in another post, I am aware that money plays a big part in the buying process of a Phone or iPad. At the moment, some of us don't have the money to buy 32 or higher. Maybe this will change when my family environment changes. I know that Mophie has been around for a while, that is why I am interested in the Space Pack. It would serve as dual purpose, battery and extra storage. I may bite the bullet and buy the thing and try it out.

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    External Storage
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    Hello Guyguy17 - I own two devices, i.e. RavPower File Hub and the Air Stash A02 (both shown below; the latter seems to no longer be available) - SD cards are used as storage; each establishes a 'personal' Wi-Fi network and connects to the iPad using a free proprietary app - the RAVPower file hub offers much more (router, battery backup, etc.), so check its link, look at the reviews & answered questions (or leave a latter) - note that I have not used these devices to stream movies, so cannot comment on how easy and reliable this feature may be, but the comments will likely help. Now there are certainly other brands/models doing similar storage/streaming to consider. Good luck and let us know what worked for you - this question does come up occasionally - Dave
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    I am very happy with my Seagate GoFlex Satellite Wireless hard drive 500GB I am able to transfer movies from my MacBook Pro to this hard drive then take it with me so I enjoy watching movies on my iPad Pro but Seagate have new one called Seagate Wireless Plus.
    Good luck

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