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    Contacts not updating on iPad
    Contacts updated or added on the iPad appear instantly on the iMac.
    Updated or new contacts made on the iMac do not appear on the iPad unless I add or amend a contact on the iPad, then the amendment made on the iMac appears immediately on the iPad.
    OSX 10.11.1 and iOS 9.1

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    Contacts not updating on iPad
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    Make sure both your iMac and iPad are signed into iCloud with the same Apple ID and the iPad is not in "sleep" mode (which it sounds like what is happening). When you amend something on the iPad it naturally wakes up and the additions you made on the iMac appear. Even when all devices are active it takes some time for contact updates to appear. I can make changes to my contacts app on my iMac and it will take several minutes or less for those changes to appear on my iPhone and iPad.

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    The Apple ID is set the same for iPad & Mac for iCloud. I logged out, reset the password and logged in on both devices, and updates now go both ways within a couple of seconds. Thanks for the pointer!

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    Contacts not updating on iPad

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    I reinstalled my iCloud mail in iPhone and iMac. Still, iPhone whether asleep or awake would not show the Calendar items from iMac. When I inserted into iPhone just one of the Calendar items, suddenly all Calendar items from the iMac appeared in the iPhone. Yesterday, I had done an iTunes sync. I'm confused. My new iPad Pro, by the way, seems happy to synchronize.

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