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    Ipad for college a good investment?

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    Ipad for college a good investment?
    anyone have one? does it help with school work or studying ? Im thinking of maybe buying an Ipad mini since its the cheapest. Im looking for it more to read textbooks and possibly powerpoints slides as well as just studying as having to pull up powerpoints on my computer kinda sucks

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    Ipad for college a good investment?
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    An iPad is not a substitute for a notebook computer. Although it can do many things that a computer can, it can not do all of them. For school use, an iPad can certainly come in handy because of its light weight and ease of carrying from class to class. As far as using it to take notes or manipulating Powerpoint presentations, a computer is best for that. Bottom line in my opinion, is an iPad is a good supplement but not a replacement for a computer.

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    It's been a while since I was a student, but I would have thought that an iPad would be a handy tote-around for classes and such: with a keyboard case or something like that, it should be more than capable of handling your routine tasks. Once you get back to your residence, you can work with the information you've gathered on the iPad on your iMac or other desktop computer pretty simply thanks to iCloud and other kinds of syncing or cloud storage.

    For people who want the best all-in-one solution, that would be a notebook model, with perhaps a second monitor for home base. It obviously depends on your needs, but I can go weeks without using a "real" computer if necessary, though I sometimes wish I had one around during those periods.

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