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    Question Adding Simple ImageView - Problems
    Hello world!....

    So I am quite new to coding in. I am starting out by trying to put an image properly into my storyboard...I learned how to code it in my swift file and imageview.

    However, every time i use an image in my assets it says that it is not configured and a class error.

    I just put the PNGs into the project Navigator and it is's just that I have the x2, and x3 larger images incase of other versions...and would like to use assets for that reason.

    Any idea how to configured or support the image assets?

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    Adding Simple ImageView - Problems
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    A warm welcome to Mac-Forums. Thank you for your post.

    Be patient, please. We have several members here who fully understand coding, are developers and the like. They are scattered around the world, different time zones etc. Wait, and help will be forthcoming.


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    I am also trying to make a View Controller connect, it is successful but i am getting this in the debugger...2018-08-22 19:10:45.798642-0400 TransTimer[24349:14431110] Unknown class TimerViewController in Interface Builder file.

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