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    Smile provisional licene expired in Unity or Test Flight ?
    I have an AR work/app on my iPad that a programmer worked on... however when I try and launch it I get the message 'provisional licence has expired' now my programmer has gone of the radar, and I can't figure out if this means the Unity licence has expired ? AppleDeveloper or Test Flight? if I check profiles on the iPad next to Test Flight it says it expired a few months back...does this mean I need to build the app again ? or could I sign up as an apple developer and assign the device ? any ideas ? do I need a new version of unity player ?

    any help would be great
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    provisional licene expired in Unity or Test Flight ?
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    Renewing Expired Provisioning Profiles

    If a provisioning profile expires, the provisioning profile’s status displays Expired in your account at You renew an expired provisioning profile by editing and re-generating it, as described in Editing Provisioning Profiles in Your Developer Account. You don’t need to make any changes to the provisioning profile. Just scroll to the bottom of the Edit iOS Provisioning Profile or the Edit Mac Provisioning Profile page, and click Generate.

    If the expired provisioning profile is installed on your device, remove it, as described in Verifying and Removing Provisioning Profiles on Devices. If the provisioning profile is an ad hoc provisioning profile, re-sign and distribute your app using the regenerated provisioning profile, as described in Exporting Your App for Testing (iOS, tvOS, watchOS).
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