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    Help, New, UIWebview not working
    New to Apple Development, trying to create a simple iPad app using the UIWebView. I created the IBOutlet for it, put the object on the screen and connected them. I then put the loadRequest into the viewDidLoad and run. The program compiles fine and runs but nothing shows.

    Am I missing something, can someone please help. Have searched the web, bought 3 books and have tried from scratch 4 different times.


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    Help, New, UIWebview not working

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    Well, without seeing your code, it's really kind of hard to say exactly what you may have done wrong. How did you formulate your NSURLRequest? Are you sure the UIWebView is properly linked? Can you post at least the viewDidLoad method so we can see what you've coded there?
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    Thanks for posting, started from scratch one more time and did nothing nothing but add the UIWebView to the new project and I got it to work finally.

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