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    Interface Builder Error
    Hey, I have an iMac G5 with PowerPC G5 processor and apparently I can't run the iOS sdk on a non-intel Mac. I know that that is just stupid so I did more research. I finally got the iOS sdk installed on my Mac yet there is a problem. I can create an iOS app with the Xcode new project and everything, but when I go to style the app, the interface builder doesn't work. It says that it is missing some coacoa touch thing. I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem and if you did, how did you fix it?

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    i added a screenshot of the error. any help is appreciated
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    Interface Builder Error
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    What version of Xcode are you using and yes you need an Intel Mac for developing iOS can't "hack" your way around that..

    If you've somehow gotten XCode to work, you will not be able to get IB working since there is no universal bundle for it, since it was meant only to work on Intel Macs..

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    Interface Builder Error
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    As Raz0rEdge said, the iOS SDK requires an Intel Mac (see here). The problem then is quite simply that you are running the SDK on an unsupported platform (I'm even surprised you managed to install it).
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    Hmm thanks for input guys but I'll do a little more snooping and try some extra stuff. I do remember one error message in the installation.

    Oh I am running Xcode 3.4

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    Interface Builder Error

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    Umm, what version of XCode are you running? 3.2 and higher (well, until 4.1) is only compatible with Snow Leopard (for that matter, as far as I remember, the highest version of XCode prior to 4 was like 3.2.6) - there may be universal binaries for XCode itself, but not necessarily IB...

    As was mentioned before, if you want to develop for the close to the current current version of iOS (at least iOS 3.1 and higher), you will need an Intel Mac. You may be able to get XCode 3.1 and it would probably work, but that's with the iOS SDK that's ancient (I want to say 3.0 or lower) and your apps may not work on a current iOS device
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