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    Folder in a Folder?
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    Folder in a Folder?
    I want to have a folder inside a folder on my iPhone, but I cannot seem to find out how to do that. I vaguely remember hearing it could be done, but a search didn't return anything useful so I'm asking here. Anybody know how to do that? To be clear, I have "Folder A" and I want to group some of the apps in that folder into a folder inside the folder, naming it "Folder B." Can it be done? iOS is the most current, 13.4.1, on an iPhone 11 Pro.


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    Folder in a Folder?
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    Not a designed feature, seems like it was a glitch in iOS 10 per this video. If so, it was likely "fixed" in subsequent releases.

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    Folder in a Folder?
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    I tried this on my iPhone 11 Pro. I have two Folders already. I tried the merge them or have one inside the other. No luck. I even tried what was shown in the video - hopeless, I'm afraid.

    I suspect, as Ashwin said, this is not a feature in the current iOS. I don't know of any workaround, but then I'm not very good at experimenting


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