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    iOS wont let me connect to pc
    I have an iPhone xs and when I log in to iTunes to reset the pin it says “unlock iPhone to use accessories” on the phone screen. I don’t think the usb accessories is turned on. I don’t think I can turn on the accessories feature via iTunes as the computer doesn’t even recognise the phone is plugged in. What’s the normal avenue I should take? I can go back to the store it was purchased from if they can do anything? Or Do I need to call apple to do something?

    I'm using a cable that has worked before for syncing if that makes any difference

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    iOS wont let me connect to pc
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    Welcome to the forum.

    If the phone is locked (i.e., dark) or on the unlock page, it will not communicate with iTunes (or anything else, for that matter). That is a security function in case you lose the iPhone or it gets stolen. But if you put in the unlock code on the iPhone, it will release the communication and connect. Apple cannot help, as they don't know the code and they cannot unlock it, either.

    Did you buy this new? Can you unlock it? If you bought it used, did the previous owner prepare it for sale properly? That action should have cleared the password and left the phone unlocked. If the previous owner did not do that, you are totally stuck unless the previous owner can do that for you.

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    iOS wont let me connect to pc
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    Go the phone Settings->Face ID & Passcode and scroll down to USB Accessories. You likely have that option turned on which basically requires the phone to be unlocked if it's been sleeping for more than hour to confirm its your device. This is for theft deterrence that Jake was talking about.

    If you don't want that feature, then turn off the USB Accessories option.

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    iOS wont let me connect to pc
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    Not being smart here, but technically, you have to turn on (not off) the USB feature because turning on ALLOWS the iDevice to be recognised by the Mac.

    Whereas the default is NOT allow the USB connection to be recognised.

    And disabling this security feature allows a thief to connect a stolen phone to a Mac or PC - not a good idea.

    Do so at your own peril.


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