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    Email on iPhone 11 Pro Max "Not Learning" where to file emails -
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    Email on iPhone 11 Pro Max "Not Learning" where to file emails -
    Happy New Year, Guys!

    I'm running IOS 13.3 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. I've had it since September, 2019.

    Not that it has anything to do with my current hardware, I notice a lack of learning on the email application as to where to file emails I want to keep. FYI, I have an extensive list of file folders (in gmail) I've created to store emails I want to keep. On previous software versions, two or three emails of the same file would produce, more a less, a "guess" as to where to file the email and the software would "learn" where I want the file to go.

    Currently, I'm very rarely "asked" as to where the email should be filed; I'm curious - is there some setting I need fix or apply? I'm running Gmail out of the iPhone mail app, not from the gmail app itself.

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    Email on iPhone 11 Pro Max "Not Learning" where to file emails -
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    Traditionally, the filing of emails into folders had been done with specific rules. GMail has added some rudimentary analysis of emails to determine if something can be bucketed in things likes Updates, Promotions and so on. However, if you have created your own folders and are manually moving emails to them, I haven't found any application actually "learns" that behavior, what you are likely seeing is more a list of recent folders where you dumped emails, nothing using any smarts.

    So your best bet is to create a set of rules that will move emails to where you want them automatically.

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