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    iPad mail deleting junk and inbox
    Latest ipad ios i move unwanted mails to junk
    and when that gets too many mails i do a in junk
    select all and delete but this also starts deleting
    my inbox which i have not asked it too do which
    completely empties myinbox is this a BUG.
    It never did this in ios 12 etc.

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    iPad mail deleting junk and inbox
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    Are you using the included iPadOS Mail app, or a different app? Which email provider is this for, or is it for multiple email accounts and their providers?
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    Yes its the mail app in ios ipad it is a pop3
    server from my internet provider have always
    used it only one account.
    This has always worked very well the last
    18 years.
    Also works on my iPhone 6 plus on ios12
    with no problems only iPadios gives problems
    it can empty my inbox, and i only want to
    delete my junk mappe in mail i sellect all in junk
    and say delete, but it also starts to delete my inbox
    mappe, this must be a bug?

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