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    iOS 13: Translucent Camera Border

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    iOS 13: Translucent Camera Border
    When taking a photo in iOS 13 on iPhone 11, is there a way to change the translucent border around the frame to black? When you rotate the camera for a selfie, for example, the border is black instead of translucent and I prefer that - helps me with framing shots. Thanks.

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    iOS 13: Translucent Camera Border
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    Assuming you have an iPhone 11Pro model, the translucent border around the frame is to show the area that might be available to the user if the framing originally cut something off that later on was wanted. As such, I don't think it's configurable for the translucency. In Settings, Camera there is a setting for "Photos Capture Outside the Frame." There is an explanation there that says the area is captured to "improve composition" and that if it is not used to make corrections, it is deleted after 30 days. There doesn't seem to be any other settings for that area. I think you will have to learn to frame the shot in the non-translucent areas.

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    iOS 13: Translucent Camera Border
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    Assuming again that you have the Pro model, you can turn off "Photo Capture Outside the Frame" in Settings > Camera; BUT this does NOT change the image when viewed with the back camera - so, as Jake said, I guess you have to live with it.

    You won't see this with the front facing camera because this feature is not available.

    Sorry about that.


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