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    itunes not showing ipad ios13.1.3
    My macbook high serera not showing my ipad in itunes
    i got it working with ios 13.1.2 but not now again with

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    itunes not showing ipad ios13.1.3
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    What did you have to do to get it working with iOS 13.1.2? The iPad should just show up when you plug it into the Mac. If that isn't working, first check the cable to ensure that it is good.

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    In ios 13.1.2 it updated itunes with a patch then
    it showed but i now have 13.1.3 so its not working
    again, itunes shows my iphone with ios 12
    ios 13 is giving me so many problems on my ipad
    i should never have updated

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    Ok found my itunes on my macbook was bad
    maybe a update corruption? downloaded a
    new itunes installed and it works again can
    see my ipad.
    Thanks for your replies.

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