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    Double entries on my Mac calendar
    Suddenly certain entries have begun appearing on my Mac calendar twice on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. They are the ones which appear annually, such as family birthday reminders. Other entries are still single entry and the double entries do not appear when I log on to the calendar in iCloud. How can I get rid of them? someone suggested they may be a clash between two calendars, such as the one in iTunes and the one in iCloud, but I don't use the one in iTunes. there may be a clash with one of the calendars on one of my devices but I can't work out what. Any ideas, anyone?

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    I've just worked it out. For some reason, I had the family calendar highlighted. That bought up a second set of entries. Goodness knows why. I thought Macs were supposed to be cleverer and more intuitive than PCs.

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    Double entries on my Mac calendar
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    Yes, the OS is.

    If you use the Contacts app, and have birthdays listed with those contacts, it pulls from there as well? Also, some "Internet Accounts" enabled in System Preferences will populate the calendar as well.
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    Double entries on my Mac calendar
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    If you enter the same event in multiple calendars and choose to show all the calendars, then the events will obviously be duplicated. How exactly is the OS or the Calendar app supposed to know if you meant to duplicate it or not?

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