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    File browser for iPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeFromMesa View Post
    It is not that I do not have large enough memory cards for the camera. I have 2 64GB cards that that I use in the 2 slots in the camera and I also have extra 32GB cards so I should never run out of space on the cards themselves. The issue is that I want to have a backup of the images in case something happens to one of the cards.
    thanks for clarifying that.
    -- Bob --
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    File browser for iPad
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    Can anyone point me to a really good Finder-like app for the iPad?
    Go to the App store on your new iPad and search for the "Files App". I am not sure if this is what you are referring to or if it is part of iOS but it is free.

    I thought the was supposed to come with iOS 11:
    iOS 11 makes the iPad feel more like a Mac
    Apple’s new Files app ties into this, too, as a central hub for moving things around. The app is basically just Finder from the Mac,
    iOS 11 makes the iPad feel more like a Mac - The Verge

    - Patrick

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    File browser for iPad
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    Ah, well, that explains it. I'm not that much of a photographer but I believe its possible to add extensions to Apple Photos these days. Things like filters and whatnot and if you right click on an image you get the option to "Edit With..." which then opens the finder allowing you to pick another application.
    So even if you only use it to view and sort the images it could be useful.
    That would allow you to store them on your iPad, review them, edit and eventually sync them to Photos on your MBP.
    After that they could be exported to the app of your choice and deleted from Photos on both devices. If you turn on My Photo Stream on both devices they will sync wirelessly and changes made on one device will occur on the other. (does not use iCloud storage)
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    File browser for iPad
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    Mike, you said:
    One of the reasons I have not used Photos is that there is no link from it to Photoshop to allow me to use a pixel editor when I need to do so, so I find Photos to be too restrictive. There is also no way for me to use any of the useful plugins that I use with Photoshop, so it is a bit of a handicap.
    Just for interest, here are some of the"add ons" or "plugins" that integrate with the Photos app. There are many more.

    Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 7.48.10 am??.png

    I particularly recommend Affinity Photo. It is more advanced than Apple's old Aperture and comes close to Adobe Photoshop (layers etc), yet costs £49. Often offered at discount prices, but even at £49, is a bargain for what it does. Desktop & iPad versions are available.

    Check it out here: Affinity Photo - Professional image editing software for desktop and iPad


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