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    Apps like iStudio and Publisher

    I am looking at changing over from using my MacBook Pro as my primary device to using the iPad pro due to the cellular capabilities, and age. One glitch, I use iStudio to publish an organization's newsletters. Does anyone know of any apps that would be like iStudio or Microsoft publisher to use on the iPad that does not have a monthly fee?
    I've included an example. Normally about 4-6 pages long. This is page one.

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    Apps like iStudio and Publisher
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    Welcome to our forums.

    I'm also an iStudio Publisher user and former MS Publisher user. Both are great apps. There are several publishing type apps that are available for iOS:

    However, the only one I'm familiar with (and it's free) is Apple's Pages. Pages does well for layout work and not just as a word processor. There are other apps available which you can search for using Google. You do need to think over very carefully about switching your publishing to an iPad instead of your Mac. In my opinion, it's much more difficult to put together a bulletin, flyer, advertisement, etc, using iOS than macOS. And you also should consider how you intend to print.

    Just some food for thought.

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