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    Copy/paste memory??
    I noticed something since switching from iOS11 to 12;

    On iOS11 when I copied a text, it would be under the 'paste' function for like... FOREVER.
    (unless I rebooted my device)
    Now, when I do the same under iOS12, it will 'only' be memorized for about an hour or so.

    - Did any1 else notice this, and is there a way to get the memory-option back to 'forever'?

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    Copy/paste memory??
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    Welcome to Mac-Forums.

    I've never timed how long the buffer is intact, but it is not something you can control. So if the duration has reduced for some reason in iOS 12, that is what it is.

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    Type of app to use
    Clipboard manager

    What is a clipboard?
    A clipboard is a location where items that have been copied are stored so they can be pasted.

    Example of app
    Clipboard++ can be found in the app store.

    How to use
    1. Copy text as normal i.e. long-press and click copy. The text will be auto saved for long term storage and copied to the clipboard.
    2. For the first item, press copy to clipboard. This is due to a bug it seems.
    3. Whenever you wish to paste an item , within the app where the list of items display, click the item you wish to paste, this will copy the item to the lipboard.
    4. Go into the app and long- press and click paste as usual.

    How it differs from mac clipboard
    1. Multiple buffers are present in this app, this means the multiple items can be stored from which selectioncan take place.
    2. Items can also be saved to long term storage.

    I did notice a bug when using however... if only 1 item is present, it has to be copied to the clipboard before any further items are saved, else it will be overwritten.

    There are many clipboard managers to choose from if you search the app store.
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