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    What Holds Mail App From Opening?
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    What Holds Mail App From Opening?
    I use Apple's MAIL app on my MacBook Pro. When I click on Firefox or another app, it pops up like it always did. However, when I click on Mail, it can take up to five minutes to bring it up.

    What is holding it back and how can I help it? Thank you for your expertise and Merry Christmas.
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    What Holds Mail App From Opening?
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    I would suggest downloading Onyx (the link is in my signature below) and running the Automation or Maintenance - depending on what version of OS X you are running. Make sure to check "Mail's Mailbox - rebuild the index" and you might even have it delete existing index. It won't hurt to run all the other items checked. It will fix a lot of stuff. I run it about once a month and it keeps my system tuned up. The app is a favorite here on the forum because it is good and does not damage your mac.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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    What Holds Mail App From Opening?
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    What Holds Mail App From Opening?

    - How many email accounts do you have?

    - What type(s) are they??? IMAP or POP??

    - How full or how many emails do you have, especially in your "In" mailbox?

    - Did the problem just start?

    - When did you last completely shutdown then reboot your Mac or Bootup using Safe Boot Mode, login, and then Restart normally??

    Those should do for a start.

    - Patrick

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