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    Missed Calls Notification
    I have an iPhone 8 plus. Suddenly, missed calls notifications are not showing up on my home screen. I always had a number show up on the little green phone at the bottom of the screen. I now have to go to notifications to see if I missed any. That's just not right! Any suggestions?

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    Check “Settings/Notifications/Phone” to see if anything has changed there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InfamousJohnnyB View Post
    Check “Settings/Notifications/Phone” to see if anything has changed there.
    Yeah make sure your lock screen toggle is on, show in history is on, and the banner is set to persistent.

    Also make sure that your do not disturb is not on

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    Missed Calls Notification
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    You said:
    Suddenly, missed calls notifications are not showing up
    This implies to me that up until that moment everything was working properly?

    The advice give above is clear and accurate; but I suspect your settings are now as they were before?

    Very simple thing to do first: Reboot your iPhone or even Force Reboot the iPhone. I'm sure you know how to do this, but here are the instructions anyway:

    It's amazing how often that restores a lost or misbehaving function.

    If that does not change things, please post back.


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