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    Watch not getting notifications from clock timer on iPhone
    watch 2, watchOS updated to the latest from a couple of days ago, iPhone 7, iOS 10.3.2

    If I set a timer on the iPhone, when it goes off the watch does not show the notification or make any sound or haptic notification. I found another website where others were having the problem, but others chimed in that it was working for them. Nobody there wanted to spend any time on it, so I'm asking here.

    Anybody else noting the same phenomenon? If we get some that see the problem and some that don't we can compare settings. I have all notifications from the Clock app turned on in the iPhone Watch app, which is supposed to then push alerts from the iPhone to the watch. I'm using the Activity Analog watch face with Complications for Timer, Workout and Weather.

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    For those with an AW, the other site had someone who found out the solution. The key is that on the iPhone, the timer in the Clock app either has to be in the background, or the iPhone in locked mode for the relay to the AW to occur. If the timer is in the background (as it normally would be if you used Siri to set the timer), it notifies the watch, but if it's in the foreground and the iPhone not locked, it doesn't. I guess that makes some sort of logical sense, maybe. I'd prefer it to notify the watch every time, but at least now I can get the alarms I want.

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