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Thread: IOS 9.2 Fail

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    IOS 9.2 Fail

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    Angry IOS 9.2 Fail
    Last night my iPhone ask if I want to upgrade at night. I said YES and went to bed.
    This morning I woke up to a iPhone that would not work and touch screen would not work.
    SO with not touch screen I could not shut down and I also try the method that apple help talked about holding the screen off button, NOPE!
    Not screen touch no working phone.

    I had to use iCloud to erase the phone and reinstall with iTunes from backup.

    I would not upgrade to 9.0.2 WAIT and BACKUP!! Correction 9.0.2

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    IOS 9.2 Fail
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    Well the current version is iOS 9.0.2. I am sorry you had problems. You don't say what model iPhone you have.

    I have upgraded successfully my husbands 5c, my 6+ and iPad mini 2. No issues at all. It is possible during the upgrade something went wrong or the verify failed - hard to tell.

    But you were wise and had a backup which was good.

    Recommend using Onyx to clean your Mac.
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