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    confused with icloud backup , photo library ,

    I'm pretty confused now with the services for icloud and photo backup and sync
    The sort of confusion is around the 1000 limit and the 30days rules
    and now the newish photolibrary service
    also storage allocation

    icloud backup
    This used to have camera roll and a backup of everything on the iphone/ipad
    free 5GB storage and you could pay to increase

    NOW with icloud drive and photo library
    I'm very confused

    Start with storage
    icloud backup free 5GB - for icloud and
    if you pay for extra space does that apply to both icloud backup and

    I advise people on backups and syncing
    in the past on a PC
    I would load Windows control panel
    make sure photo sharing is on

    then the photo would appear on the PC via control panel
    and also now on

    Now I read about optimising for devices and full resolution images are stored on BUT not as part of the icloud backup
    so do you need separate storage paid for ?

    i dont have a device myself to play with - so a little difficult and lots of people are asking me these questions, so i would like to fully understand

    icloud drive
    photo library
    syncing between all devices, including windows PCs
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    Hi, I would advise that you look at this first and then research some of the other issues

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    Thanks - thats sort of where my confusion started

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